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You are a work in progress

Be the architect of your mind, taking charge to create newer and newer levels of a classic design for your life, transforming the current status of your reality and your journey from perceived insignificant to significant, uncertain to certain. At the end of this day you arrive at a new level of meaning, order, certainty, presence and appreciation.


This experience lifts self-worth and self-deserve, releasing you to find the certainty to dream and create. You know  that at the heart of your story you find nothing but opportunity, having switched on the executive centre of the brain that frees you to go out and live the life you dream.

Our process of transformation and evolution in this life continues up until the end, forever offering up opportunities for us to locate the beauty and magnificence of the big picture of your journey.  Using the Demartini Method, Transformation Days provide an opportunity to join others of like mindedness in pursuit of even greater levels of  awareness, refinement of communication and an opportunity once again to know that "all there is is love and all else is an illusion" - Dr John Demartini


An empowering and transformative day for a committed, dedicated group of people joined in one united pursuit: to access deeper levels of TRUTH, KNOWLEDGE, WISDOM, LOVE, MEANING, APPRECIATION and ORDER with more CERTAINTY and CLARITY of MISSION and PURPOSE.

It is said KNOW THYSELF, BE THYSELF and LOVE THYSELF. Newer and newer levels of self-worth and deserve are a result of transforming current realities to newer levels of actuality.

The foundation of the transformation will be the utilisation of the Demartini Method, sides .  The opportunity exists to also work on some goal settings and refinement of the Mission & Purpose. Facilitating, listening, guiding, and assisting each individual in the choice of action for the day.  Naturally opportunities may come up to being a surrogate for other people in the room as individuals equilibrate and arrive at heart opening moments. There will also be an opportunity for a guided and heartfelt meditation.

“The empires of the future are the empires of the mind”  

-- Winston Churchill

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