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Own your space and enhance the power of your performance

An incredible opportunity to workshop with acclaimed Casting Director, Faith Martin. Faith has developed a unique perspective on performance through her years as an Agent and Casting Director in film and television, both locally and internationally.


This industry gathered knowledge and experience, combined with 22 years of teaching and presenting transformative seminars based in Universal Laws, offers up a potent investment for character work, performance, and interpretation of story, together with understanding what we bring to all areas of our lives.

This seminar is designed to empower the uniqueness of each individual performer and provide them with the tools to impact their audience across film, television and theatre. 

The 1-day workshop will cover the following topics:

"Do what you feel in your heart to be right for you’ll be criticised anyway”

- Eleanor Roosevelt


  • The Big Picture and how to view and manage the opportunities available in today’s market;

  • Preparation for the work space, enhancing your understanding of how to develop a leading edge;   

  • Recording a scene to camera - an exchange of ideas regarding approach, strengths, interpretation, physicality, awareness and managing the space;

  • Building the essentials of how to deliver a powerful self-tape and what common pitfalls to avoid;

  • Identifying your self-imposed limitations and a plan of approach to overcome them;

  • Claiming more power in the room.


  • Opening up to a new idea of self, others and characters and gaining a winning edge in life;

  • Developing greater certainty in the self, the work and the journey ahead and lifting your inspiration and intuition;

  • We are much more than we think we are - expanding your self-worth and self-deserve;

  • Mastering your destiny and stepping into leadership;​

  • Consolidating your performance and deepening your portrayal of characters;

  • The importance of understanding your Values;

  • Owning your space and certainty in a cast and on a set.​

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