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Private Consultations

with Faith Martin

Regardless of the perceptions of your current life story, commit to spend time with me when together and from the heart we transform confusion to clarity; uncertainty to certainty; fear, guilt and shame to inspiration and appreciation for your life story as it is, seeing that no matter what, everything is on the way not in the way.

Faith Martin offers valuable mentorship programs for individuals, relationships, families and businesses, seeking to grow their vision, mission and purpose for life. In these private sessions, she works with you to locate a deeper understanding of the meaning and order that currently exists in the perceived challenges in your story, past and present, that you could believe has been inhibiting you from moving forward.  

In over 22 years of experience in this type of facilitation and consultation, Faith has witnessed meaningful shifts in the experiences of her clients' lives that then have a ripple effect, impacting all seven areas of their lives.  These transformations also hold within them a lasting effect, with a stronger potential to self manage.  


True growth and transformation occurs on the border of chaos and order

In Universal Law terms, we know that you cannot have a perceived challenge in life without a complimentary support from an individual or group, close or distant. Once that knowledge and experience has been accessed and comprehended, there follows many heartfelt and appreciative moments for what is as it is.  When we equilibrate the mind - aligning mind, heart and spirit - we experience and touch moments of perfection, magnificence and beauty that leave us speechless. 

You do not need to have burdens or shrink yourself by being caught up in the travails of daily life. Choose to have a life rather than just living and getting by and transcend the ignorance of judgement and blame and set yourself free.


All there is love and all else is an illusion. Instead of playing the judgement, blame and shame game, choose to access a great knowledge that takes you to a deeper experience and meaning.

Individual Consultations

  • 1 hour or 2 hour consultations are available on an ongoing and regular basis throughout the year

  • Faith utilises the Demartini Method to tailor a private one-on-one session, specifically focusing on your own individual needs

  • Both in-person and Skype sessions are available

Mentorship Programs

  • Ongoing Mentorship Programs are offered throughout the year and are designed according to your needs and budget

  • Choose from fortnightly, monthly, quarterly or half-yearly sessions

  • Included with your Mentorship Program is the remarkable two day seminar and workshop, The Breakthrough Experience

  • Both in-person and Skype sessions are available

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