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Having studied and embraced the knowledge contained in Universal Laws for 23 years, I know that no circumstance, event, or person - past or present - need cast such a shadow over our lives that would prevent us from experiencing a magnificent life. It is the sum of our perceptions of a person or an event that contribute to a limited experience, occupies space and time, and as a result of that self-imposed shadow, we find ourselves blocked from seeing and knowing the existing order and balance available. The Truth sets us free. And as a result of running a limited story in those perceptions we find that we are not running our own show, the perceptions we hold limit our day-to-day experiences in relationships, business, finance, social, etc.

Through VIP I am committed to transforming the reality you currently hold through private consultations, or one of the programs listed below - utilising the Demartini Method.

We assist you in locating the meaning, order,and perfection in any event that is your reality - past and present. Mentally and physically you experience a transformation that offers you a new reality, along with a new found sense of independence, wisdom, and freedom to engage in a more expanded view and vision of the life you plan to live.

"We are infinitely unique, powerful, and limitless"


The Breakthrough Experience

An empowering seminar, offering

a unique transformative experience across

all areas of your life.



Taking place over the Solstice, Emergence helps you to clear the previous year and open up to expanded opportunities in the Year ahead.

Claim the Space

Discover your unique voice and vision

and empower your performance.

For performers of all kind.

Release Your Voice

Step out and be heard. Enhance  your performance, voice and presentation in public speaking.



Access deeper levels of truth, wisdom, gratitude, certainty and clarity. 

A one-day workshop.

Private Consultations


Work privately with Faith Martin to transform your reality and gain greater levels of appreciation, certainty and balance in your life.

Masters of the Universe

In development. A 5 day seminar with a focus on Leonardo Da Vinci. 

Enquiries welcome.

Our Services
Kick Start Teens

Gain more Certainty and Clarity for your Dreams.

Faith Martin

“Faith Martin is an inspired presenter of the Breakthrough Experience® and dedicated facilitator of the Demartini Method®. She has already touched thousands of lives and purposely inspired them to go out and live their most inspiring dreams. She has demonstrated her unique and inspiring gift of transforming her students realities and releasing them from any self-imposed  bondage that they may have created through their imbalanced perceptions or judgements. Faith has been called to share her time, energy and heart with those who are ready to open their eyes to the truth of their own magnificence, to live a life of open heartedness and wellbeing, to feel an ever increasing sense of expansion and certainty and to serve ever greater numbers of humankind.”

- Dr John Demartini, Founder of the Demartini Method and the 

Breakthrough Experience, educator and international bestselling author

In 1996 I was in the right place at the right time to listen to one of the greatest minds on the planet today, Dr John Demartini: a Performance & Behaviour Specialist, a Speaker, Presenter, and Author, a true Polymath of his time. 

The weekend attending Dr Demartini's The Breakthrough Experience transformed my reality in such a way (with such significance) that I made the immediate decision to grasp the opportunity to join the first training group in Australia - to learn further about human behaviour and to discover greater truths with regard to myself and others. I have now been teaching the work for 23 years, transforming and impacting an infinite number of lives through seminars, consultations and mentoring. 


As an Agent and Casting Director for many years in film, television and theatre, together with teaching and facilitating this work, I place a high value on Mastery and Leadership in communication and performance across all areas of life. As the Ancient Greeks taught through Axiology, a study of values, we are here to “Know thyself, Be Thyself, Love Thyself." These three edicts are fundamental to my life.

I am inspired to continue to renew and upgrade my knowledge, and to regularly attend Dr Demartini's advanced programmes, including: Prophecy 1, Prophecy 2, Empyreance 1, Empyreance 3, Ediface, Master Planning, and Mastermind Sessions. The commitment made to this ever expanding knowledge and work has fulfilled my life in ways I would never have thought possible. 


In 1998, through Dr Demartini’s Concourse of Wisdom, I was awarded as an Ambassador of Wisdom, and in 2016, I received a certificate from the Demartini Institution in honour of my dedication "to maximising human awareness and potential in individuals and groups."

I know that I was called that weekend in 1996. Daily, I am inspired to learn and find a greater order and meaning to our perceived chaos; to strive to make a difference and impact my own story and to make an impact - a difference - in my fields of experience, knowing that there are no mistakes, that I will be in the right place at the right time to magnetically pull to me those that I can assist on their journey - those whose journey I can impact and enhance.


Faith Martin
Success Stories


"Faith gave me a set of tools that I could walk away with and use in all areas of my life - relationships, finance, creativity as an actor."

Gemma L

"The Breakthrough Experience is one of the most unique, satisfying and freeing experiences I’ve ever had. It’s lead me to a life I’m beyond grateful I’m living today"

Charmaine B

"When you go to a Breakthrough Program with Faith Martin you know you will get results. She is a master in applying the Demartini Method, and has a unique dedication to her clients."

Lisa H

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