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Locating your authentic voice and empowering your performance

Do you have a dream to be a speaker? Do you feel a vulnerability around being heard?


You have the power to impart your unique knowledge, message and expertise to the world. Yet, you can find yourself shrinking to what you believe is a greater authority of opinion. Don't sell yourself short!


Claim Your Voice offers the opportunity for you to locate your authentic voice and vision, and empower your communication and performance.   We provide the tools and guidance you need to:

  • Clear the perceived emotional, vocal and physical blockages that could be eroding your confidence; 

  • Identify the unique material and information that you have within you to share;

  • Consolidate your market and discover how to package and launch your dream.

Prepare to step out, take a risk and play in a bigger field of impacting your audience and being heard, by bringing attention, focus and new skills and knowledge to your performance, voice and presentation.

Faith has an inexhaustible energy and unique eye in assessing and assisting people in finding their dynamic, powerful and unique voice. In locating the essence and strength in each individual, she assists in you releasing a new level of authenticity, self worth and empowered vision for yourself.  


     -  Faith Martin, Specialist in Understanding Characters & Story

     -  Danielle Rolfe, Voice and Accent Specialist

"If you have an opportunity to use your voice, you should use it”

- Samuel L Jackson

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