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Craig Martin


'My time spent in The Breakthrough Experience weekends facilitated by Faith Martin is priceless to me. I felt she created an inspired space where I could be guided and also guide myself to a deeper connection to myself, my heart and my connection to others and the universe. She has changed my life in such beautiful and irreversible ways time and time again with her mastery of the Demartini Method and her understandings of the human mind and heart. Thank you Faith. May the journey continue'.

Most of the major turning points in my adult life have been as a result of attending The Breakthrough Experience weekend. It blows me away each time as to the strength my unseen baggage has over my life without my being conscious of it. The release from these perceptions leaves me changed irreversibly every time and with a deeper connection and understanding of love for myself and others. One thing that I've watched evolve as I evolve through this work is my art. There's no hard, factual based evidence I can provide to prove that balancing my emotions and opening my heart helped my art to grow but the time lines are precise. The more work I did with the Demartini Method the more I was able to tap into some part of my mind and heart and create art that allowed me to open the hearts, eyes and minds of myself and others. More and more opportunities have come to me to create art and be paid for it and in the space of 10 years I went from a sketch pad doodler to an artist represented by four different galleries with 3 sell out exhibitions and over 200 hundred original pieces sold. Also I had the opportunity to work as an illustrator for magazines and newspapers and have painted murals, created digital art by commission and am now studying 3D animation so I can also turn my art into moving pictures that will continue to open the hearts eyes and minds of the world.

My experience of doing the Demartini Method over the years is... well... I'm not going to lie and say it was easy. Taking a deep and honest look at myself has rarely proved easy and even today I can still find myself shying away from doing the work. But I will say from experience that doing the work is never as hard as holding onto the blame, shame, guilt and fear that kept me small without my even knowing it.

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